Hello! My name is Yordan, the crafter and creator behind Damn Pine Leather Goods. My leather craft journey started at the beginning of 2021 when I bought my first leather working tools, and growing ever so fast. Everything I make is entirely made by hand - cutting, gluing, stitching and edge finishing. For my products I use only full grain vegetable tanned leather sourced from tanneries in Italy, Japan, and USA. Vegetable tanning is an eco-friendly process that uses natural vegetable tannins and leaves the hides in an organic state that lets them age like skin. Famous for its remarkable aging process, vegetable tanned leather will darken uniquely over time and develop a glazed surface known as a patina. No two pieces will age the same.

I love all things outdoors and besides leather crafting, I enjoy spending time in the nature with my wife and two kids. One day when we were up in the mountains my son picked up several fallen pinecones from between the trees. When I took a closer look at one of them I was quite impressed by the form and texture, and I started thinking how can I bring it to life as my maker's mark. I wanted something simple as simplicity is what I strive for both in life and in my crafts. I believe that symbols have more to communicate than can be caught in words and the simpler the symbol - the better. That is how I ended up with the pinecone you see marked on all of my products today. Damn Pine is a pure word play that takes advantage of two different words (fine vs pine).

All items are proudly crafted in Sofia, Bulgaria and are customizable, from color options to design. Thanks for stopping by!

Damn Pine Leather Goods behind the scenes, showing part of the leathercraft process